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The Essence of Ginny


She slipped into the slumber twilight

Taking along her effervescent magic


Leaving us to embrace memories

Of love, compassion, courage, graciousness


We scramble to bookmark a piece

Just a tiny piece of our sweet Ginny.


How do you begin to describe an earthly angel?

To find words which eloquently speak about her spirit

Her grace—her love.


Only our hearts feel her beauty and magnificence now

And we wonder when will we see her again?


Maybe in the spring when the hard ground softens

And flower buds appear—while birds coo their love songs


Maybe in the gentle rain caressing our cheeks

Intermingling with our tears


Maybe in the night winds when we hear a murmur

Whispering words to comfort yearning ears


Maybe in the summer sky with cumulus clouds

Forming patterns—gifting us with needful nudges


Maybe in winter’s first fallen snow

Sprinkling its fanciful fervor onto our saddened souls


But today we shout a glorious song

Celebrating Ginny’s new adventure


While her strings of glistening golden threads

Unite us with strands of her stardust


Knowing our heart is the only place to

Feel her essence.



A Tribute to Van Gogh


The wheat fields burn their autumn gold

And shimmers of silvery stalks

Storm the echoes of hills draping their majesty.


And with each thorn of emerald blades

I stamp a blue turbulent sky

As the veil of wings descend.


Voices speak like hammering nails.

I paint my brush peasants feasting their banquet

The “Potato Eaters” begin.


Sunlight dims and night descends.

I feel gnarled hands grasp for meager crumbs.

I clutch my final hours and morning wakes to start again.

Canyon Call


Crevices capture the darkness

While night moves her wings

Gathering stardust for the sun

Softening edges along painted landscapes.


Moonbeams shimmer shine 

Memories fade into enlightened harbors

While crippled words 

Die in the arms of sacred messengers.

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