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To the artist, painting abstract expressionism is an experimental process of exploration and discovery.  Rosie uses a wide variety of art materials, such as sumi-e ink, acrylics, gesso, graphite, gold leaf and collage elements. In the beginning she works intuitively by layering and subtracting paint.  A gradual development occurs as the painting begins to lead her to thoughts and feelings she wants to convey.  She has a repertoire of techniques, products, materials and exploratory tools at her disposal. Poetic strokes have an emphatic voice in her mark-making and are prominent elements in her work.  The gestural rhythms and movements reveal content and interpretation.  

Rosie's work is inspired by Eastern spirituality.  She attempts to invoke mystical qualities that speak of connections with the use of words, line, shape texture and color.  When people view her work, she hopes they find a quiet place inside where one responds to their own spiritual essence. 


Rosie's workshops are designed to implement creative ways of encountering the soul’s inner journey through art. She teaches workshops, retreats and classes, both nationally and internationally.  Rosie also teaches privately.

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