Calling the Innovative Artist
an online Zoom class
January 12-May 4
9 AM - 11 AM EST

This class is a call for the innovative artist. The focus will be on experiential play, mixed media techniques and trusting one’s own creative process to make an “altered book.” As a Golden Artist Educator, each week Rosie will demonstrate Golden paints, gels and pastes, as well as the use of unorthodox tools to create art that will be incorporated on pages of the altered book. The theme of the book can be designed according to the participant’s interest, such as the study of a particular artist, poetry, mark-making, self-affirmations, quotes, etc.  Each student will have up to 20 minutes to contribute to the semester’s learning in turn by sharing a poem, giving a brief presentation on an artist of his/her choice, demonstrating a technique, or otherwise offering enlightenment, inspiration, or entertainment to the class.