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 Letting Go


Quiet gentle rain

Outside my bedroom window

Soothes a tearful time.

My Garden


I dream a new earth

Searching pregnant beginnings

Burying debris

Can You Hear


Take the quiet

I hand it to you on a gold platter

What will you do with it today?

Listen to the stillness

Know its gifts

Run from the mainstream.

Fondle, caress what you need

Move inside to the sanctuary

Find the breath

Connecting you to the stars




Radiant, delicate

Scent, sway, sustain

Just for my eyes




Garden of mankind

In praise of thanksgiving

Rising amid decay



Your inner chamber beckons

Have you disguised pieces of yourself?

While portions pretend

And underneath the scathing reviews

Arrows pierce an anguished heart.

You scurry the steep stairs

Floundering and wondering the

Banks of daunting debris

Lost in a world of others.


Stir the night’s nectar

Sound the Sabbath’s sacred

Moonbeams mirror your marvel

And slowly

The war-torn words whisper

A reverent refrain

Allowing parched lips

To taste wanted wisdom.



No More Lies

Quiet the moment

Home shelters the spirit

Yearning to hear a lullaby

'Rock a bye,' Rosie, 'on the treetop.'

Seeds of tranquility and change

Sow the ribbons of my Soul.


You stopped by yesterday

I heard your heavy heart

I wanted to fix you bad

But knew I couldn't.


I listened but not long enough

Until my own litany got in the way

I wish you would stop by again

I would hear your sounds in a different way.


Forgive me for what I didn't do

It was your heart that needed felt

Not my noisy beads clanging

But the murmurs of my child.

Deep Inside

I dream of France
With its deep dark caves
Where I touch
Raw stone and scribe
A message on walls.

Oh, the cold concrete

I feel the wet creep
Through my body.
Holy is this place.


In the quiet morning

Ever so softly

The chimes ring a truth.

...a feeling

...a thought

 ...a knowingness

And ever so gently 

The rock melts


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