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Rosie Huart Dedicates Art Opening to Dying Friend

Posted by Rosie Huart on September 26, 2009 at 3:30 PM

Friday evening  was the opening of Rosie Huart's exhibition titled "Paper, Prayers and Poetry"

at Bears Mill in Greenville, Ohio.  One of the memorable pieces displayed is a poem Rosie wrote for Eileen Lee on Japanese handmade paper and marbled sumi-e ink..   Rosie renamed 40 pieces of art with the name of Eileen to honor her friend. The artist plans to donate the poem piece titled "In Eileen's Time" to the Hospice facility after the exhibition.  The exhibition runs until Saturday, October 24, 2009.  In the poetry corner of Bears Mill is a display of poetry written by the artist.  Rosie invites the viewer to the tactile experience and the soulful reading of poetry.  (6 hours after the opening Eileen changed her earthly address).

Connecting Art & Spirit (book of Rosie's art and inspirational words)

Eileen's Messenger (Japanese kozo handmade paper, sumi-e and walnut ink)

Eileen's Majestic Words, Eileen's Majestic Sayings, Eileen's Majestic Whispers, Eileen's Majestic Thoughts (Japanese handmade paper, wax and sumi-e ink)

Poetry Corner

In Eileen's Words, Eileen's Majestic Sayings (mixed media) and Japanese handmade paper scroll with poetry

The Meeting Room with Eileen, Eileen's Courage, Eileen's Calm, Eileen's Journey, Eileen's Spirit (mixed media)

The Prayer of Eileen (3'x5' Canvas with Japanese kozo handmade paper)

In Eileen's Time (poem on Japanese kozo handmade paper and marbled sumi-e ink)

Eileen's Inner Dialogue Series (mixed media)

An Unfinished Life (mixed media and Japanese kozo handmade paper), Eileen's Serenity, Eileen's Essence (mixed media)

Eileen's Connection to Source and Eileen's Soulful Journey I, II, III (mixed media)

Eileen's Ascension (right) and Japanese kozo handmade paper scroll with poetry

Eileen's Earthly Garb (Japanese kozo handmade paper walnut dyed skirt, vest and belt)

Dedication Book (Japanese kozo handmade paper and cast paper, walnut ink and gold gesso)

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Reply Rosie Huart
5:14 PM on October 13, 2009 
Thanks everyone for your supportive comments regarding my tribute to Eileen. It means so much.
Reply Ceci
11:26 PM on September 27, 2009 
Rosie - I am touched beyond words not only by your dedication but also the beauty of your work! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself in love.
Reply mev
11:06 PM on September 27, 2009 
Breathtaking art and an inspirational tribute. Thank you.
Reply [email protected]
8:27 PM on September 27, 2009 
What a beautiful tribute to your friend and gift to hospice. I'll pray for her family. Rosie, you are so special.
Reply sue brezine
8:22 PM on September 27, 2009 
Way to go Rosie. It all looks so good. Eileen is probably enjoying it as I am sure many are inspired. Blessingsxoxoxox