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Rosie Receives 2nd Place at Ohio Watercolor Society Member Show

Posted by Rosie Huart on December 17, 2009 at 9:05 PM Comments comments (1)

It was a festive evening as members of the Western Ohio Watercolor Society were acknowledged during an awards ceremony.  Here Rosie is accepting her 2nd place ribbon and check for her piece titled "Enveloped Words" as seen below.

Enveloped Words Mixed Media on Watercolor Paper 32" x 40"

Rosie Huart Dedicates Art Opening to Dying Friend

Posted by Rosie Huart on September 26, 2009 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (24)

Friday evening  was the opening of Rosie Huart's exhibition titled "Paper, Prayers and Poetry"

at Bears Mill in Greenville, Ohio.  One of the memorable pieces displayed is a poem Rosie wrote for Eileen Lee on Japanese handmade paper and marbled sumi-e ink..   Rosie renamed 40 pieces of art with the name of Eileen to honor her friend. The artist plans to donate the poem piece titled "In Eileen's Time" to the Hospice facility after the exhibition.  The exhibition runs until Saturday, October 24, 2009.  In the poetry corner of Bears Mill is a display of poetry written by the artist.  Rosie invites the viewer to the tactile experience and the soulful reading of poetry.  (6 hours after the opening Eileen changed her earthly address).

Connecting Art & Spirit (book of Rosie's art and inspirational words)

Eileen's Messenger (Japanese kozo handmade paper, sumi-e and walnut ink)

Eileen's Majestic Words, Eileen's Majestic Sayings, Eileen's Majestic Whispers, Eileen's Majestic Thoughts (Japanese handmade paper, wax and sumi-e ink)

Poetry Corner

In Eileen's Words, Eileen's Majestic Sayings (mixed media) and Japanese handmade paper scroll with poetry

The Meeting Room with Eileen, Eileen's Courage, Eileen's Calm, Eileen's Journey, Eileen's Spirit (mixed media)

The Prayer of Eileen (3'x5' Canvas with Japanese kozo handmade paper)

In Eileen's Time (poem on Japanese kozo handmade paper and marbled sumi-e ink)

Eileen's Inner Dialogue Series (mixed media)

An Unfinished Life (mixed media and Japanese kozo handmade paper), Eileen's Serenity, Eileen's Essence (mixed media)

Eileen's Connection to Source and Eileen's Soulful Journey I, II, III (mixed media)

Eileen's Ascension (right) and Japanese kozo handmade paper scroll with poetry

Eileen's Earthly Garb (Japanese kozo handmade paper walnut dyed skirt, vest and belt)

Dedication Book (Japanese kozo handmade paper and cast paper, walnut ink and gold gesso)

It's 5 o'clock Somewhere in the Art Scene World

Posted by Rosie Huart on August 22, 2009 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (1)

Town & Country Fine Art Center in Kettering, Ohio, celebrated its 6th Annual Beach Party with the theme "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" Friday evening with art, Jimmy Buffet music, food and margaritas.  The splash began at 5 o'clock with artists, supporting patrons, family and friends saying good-bye to the lazy days of summer.  Demonstrations by artists were an exciting part of the evening's get together.  A "Carribean Blue" exhibition displayed member's art in abstract and realistic representations.  The show can be seen until August 31st.  Food was generously donated from fine restaurants as Flemings, Figilo's and Buffalo Wild Wings. The economy is not affecting this art world as sales were jumping and many happy faces were enjoying the festivities.

The place to have been....

LtoR:  Gallery Artists:  Karen Benedetti, Helen Friedman and Rosie Huart

Carribean Blue Exhibition

Rosie Huart's art in background of the margarita table

Distinquished Show Displays an Overflow of Fine Art

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Art on the Commons, one of Ohio's finest art festivals, was the scene in Kettering, Ohio, featuring artists from across the country exhibiting and selling their art. The 90 degree plus temperature, heat and scorching humidity did not prevent art enthusiasts, friends, family and patrons from venturing out and enjoying the day's events with live music, food and art.  Several purchases were made of fine art paintings consisting of wild life, abstract and mixed media from artists displaying their creativity, with pottery and jewelry being number one sellers.  It was a wonderful day not only celebrating color, texture and shapes every where you could see, but connecting with family, friends andvenew acquaintances

New Tuscan colors by Rosie Huart

Enchanted in Tuscany (mixed media on paper) by Rosie Huart

Part of Rosie Huart's booth display

One of the exhibitors, Trish McKinney from New Carlisle, Ohio, whose paintings are in the foreground.  Trish could be seen under a shade tree fanning herself.

"Surrender" Art Piece Accepted in OWS Exhibition

Posted by Rosie Huart on July 4, 2009 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (1)

The art piece titled Surrender has been accepted into the Ohio Watercolor Society 32nd annual juried exhibition to be held at Troy-Hayner Cultural Center in Troy, Ohio.  Awards and opening exhibition is August 29, 2009.

Mixed media art piece titled Surrender, 40" x 32," on paper

2009 International Calligraphy Conference

Posted by Rosie Huart on June 28, 2009 at 5:41 PM Comments comments (0)

For the past week, I have been enjoying the company of other calligraphers during the 2009 International Calligraphy Conference.

An excerpt from the St. John's Bible, which is being handwritten by Donald Jackson

Western Ohio Watercolor Society Exhibition and Award Ceremony at Town & Country Fine Art Center

Posted by Rosie Huart on March 25, 2009 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (2)

Rosie Huart and Miss Grace McKinney hugging at the WOWS award ceremony held at Town & Country Fine Art Center.  Rosie received an Honorable Mention and the ribbon dangles from Miss McKinney's ear!

Miss Grace McKinney and Rosie Huart

Helen Friedman in foreground

Larry Hawkins and Sharon Stolzenberger prepare to announce awards.  Katherine Cruse's art  piece of horses in background.