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Hello!  My name is Rosie Huart.

I am an ART MAKER.  I create because it's something I must do.  Come in, grab a cup of coffee, visit for awhile and see if you would like to become part of my world.  My art path has taken me all over the globe.  I am blessed to have encountered this journey.  I believe the making of art is a transformative process that impacts the

soul's search for meaning. 

My greatest inspiration comes from the power of words.  



I teach art because of the connection between body, mind and spirit.  My goal is


I love facilitating art and spirituality retreats.  I witness open hearts, soul sharing and creativity.  I have a strong desire to enrich people's lives by encouraging and inspiring others along this journey we all undertake. It is a way my cup is filled.




I paint and use all kinds of tools from shells, twigs and string to the standard paint brush. There is a magic that happens when one creates from their inner landscape.  Listening to your own dialogue and feelings in this process is very revealing and intimate.




I write poetry and use gestural marks with sumi-e ink, walnut ink, graphite and paint. There is a power in the language of words.  Poetry has a way to reach inside your soul and dance with words.




 I collage and use bits of paper on canvas, paper and fabric. Collage can tell stories just like poetry.  Finding keepsakes and remembrances have a way of blessing the past. 




I construct handmade books and create one-of-a-kind creations.  Bookmaking is a way to practice mindfulness.  Its tactile treasures teach awareness.  Soulful scripts on a page are ways to love, acknowledge and honor oneself.




I make Japanese paper because of its inherent beauty.  Its process and antiquity  speak of perseverance and patience.  There is a beautiful natural rhythm to its rawness.  It takes me back in time and slows down the busyness of life.  




I play by using plants and vegetables to imprint lines and textures onto paper and silk.  This is a fairly new area of creativity for me.  I love being a part of nature and the play with paper, fabric and words.

eco dyed paper before making a book




eco dyed silk scarf


 Pope Paul VI  gave a message to artists at the closing of the 2nd Vatican Ecumenical Council in 1965.........

"Remember you are guardians of beauty

in the world."  

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a workshop or retreat. 



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